I have had  users ask us for software that fixes computer errors and remove SpyWare.  I came across three software downloads that may prove to be valuable to your computer health!

1) Error Doctor - Don't think your computer has errors? It's a known fact that over 94% of personal computers have corrupt and potentially dangerous files with 150 or more errors on them! Problems with the Windows Registry are a common cause of Windows crashes and error message popups. By using Error Doctor(TM) regularly and repairing your registry your system should not only be more stable but it will also help Windows run faster.

 Download Error Doctor at: http://www.authenticdownloads.com/error-doctor.html

2) SpyWare Nuker - Did you know that SPYWARE is the number one threat to personal computing? Also, 9 out of 10 PCs that are hooked up to the INTERNET are infected with SPYWARE or ADWARE, and in most cases both! SPYWARE and ADWARE track your every movement on the web. Some will even misdirect you when clicking on certain links taking you somewhere else. Some programs report back to the sender what you are doing on the web.

Download SpyWare Nuker at: http://www.authenticdownloads.com/spyware-nuker.html

3) XP Repair Pro - XP Repair Pro 2006 scans and repairs over 53,000 common Windows errors. An advanced registry optimizer removes useless duplicate entries that Windows and other programs may leave. XP Repair Pro 2006 will repair random PC crashes, error messages, and can improve system performance by up to 750%. After the system scan is completed you can view a complete list of errors that were detected and choose to remove which ones you would like or just let the Intelligence System determine which should be removed. The Intelligence System not only detects errors, but also analyzes each error against the software installed on your computer to determine how that error may affect other software. Version 3.1.6 repairs a problem with the optimizer and changes the way the scan handles startup entries.

 Download XP Repair Pro at : http://www.authenticdownloads.com/xp-repair-pro.html


Download and install at you own risk. Just because these programs works well for most they may not do as well for you. Cecil