You Are Invited To Join



In the short time since it’s founding nearly four years ago, ECI has grown to over 540 members from 48 states and 15 nations who collect encased coins, "Lucky Pennys." The founders of ECI aptly saw the advantages of being a true dues-free on-line organization; and we're proud to continue that fine tradition.


Some of the reasons why ECI was founded:


· to bring collectors together to exchange information and ideas,

· to provide a venue for the striking of personal encased coins,

· to publish an informative quarterly online newsletter, while providing an easy to use website,

· to offer encased coins and other unique  items through the ECI Store at special pricing.


Today's technology makes it possible for collectors to instantly exchange images of encased coins and valuable information for identification, buying, selling and trading. ECI is the only place where all of this can happen. ECI is solely Internet based. Everything we do is done on the world wide web. We have the largest website; content wise, of any hobby oriented site to be found and we continue to grow at an astounding rate. ECI membership is open to all honorable folk who collect and trade encased coins and have a keen desire to be more knowledgeable and current in this specialized field of collecting.


At the next opportunity when at your computer, hit the on button, open your web browser and enter into the address bar window. Click on the “Register” button located on the very first page and follow the directions to enroll as a member at NO cost. It is pain free and, "there is nothing to lose and all to gain."      


You will be as pleased to be affiliated with our friendly group as we will be of having you.