I'm writing today because you have purchased encased coins from me in the past, and would like to personally invite you, and any other encased collectors you know, to become members of our new club for collectors of encased coins, which is solely Internet based and dues-free.

Encased Collectors International (ECI) offers collectors the opportunity to learn more about encased coins of all varieties, share information through our electronic quarterly newsletter, and to learn about various aspects of our hobby.  Members are notified of newly encased pieces being produced by Penny Press Mint and there is also the ECI Store which features a selection of encased pieces for sale along with other collectibles.

The only reason for ECI's existence is to provide a venue for fellow collectors to band together to learn from each other; to share the many interesting facets of the hobby.  A new benefit of being an ECI member is that of having your own personalized encased coins made at a substantial discount. Many of our members have taken advantage of this opportunity. Through ECI I've met many interesting people across the country who are both friendly and always helpful.

Visit our website at: to learn about our club. While there you can painlessly register electronically, it takes only seconds.

If you have any questions I'll be very happy to talk with you about membership. I look forward to seeing your name added to our Member's Roster.