Organized in February 2004, Encased Collectors International has grown to over 540 active members worldwide. Entirely based on the internet, ECI maintains one of the largest club related sites on the World Wide Web in content. Membership is dues free and interested persons can register electronically. One of the benefits of membership is the quarterly newsletter published and posted on the website.

Even though ECI is a proven success, there is a large group of encased coin collectors who can not participate due the lack of an internet connection. Acknowledging this fact, ECI is putting in place a new program which will allow those collectors a way in which to participate. Beginning with the July issue of the club’s newsletter, “The Lucky Penny”, those collectors who do not have an internet connection can join ECI thru the mail, dues free. Even though they will not have the full benefit of visiting the website, they can receive a full printed version of the quarterly newsletter thru subscription. The fee for doing so is $8.00 annually, which covers the postage and printing related costs. The fee will not go to ECI but to the firm providing the service. Checks to be made payable to Rexdale Publishing. This service is not available to internet connected members.

Interested collectors can register for membership and subscribe to The Lucky Penny by writing: ECI Member Services – 11198 Stoneybrook Lane Boynton Beach, FL 33437. Other collectors with Internet connections can register electronically by visiting the ECI website at: